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Hey Lee, a minimalist approach for sure, but you have done well at Rio when you have shot there! Do what works for you. More info below.

Keith, I used to play around with my spread as well. I was running 7 flags for awhile, too much clutter.....overloaded my little brain!

I use kind of a combo flag as three of what is mostly a 5 flag spread. It's a cross between a flag and a wind indicator. Bob Putzbach (spelling?) in New York makes them. Single vane flag with a wind indicating paddle that moves on the vane to show velocity. Most wind indicators are rigid and are great for cross wind, but IMO, loose some effectiveness when the wind is quartering. My combo flags are always pointed into the wind and their paddle is catching velocity in a straight line to the wind. The other 2 are Ray Hill dual vane (Wicks style) up/downers. I use the up/downers for canopy induced vertical wind movement at the line and the flag close to the target. Kinda like Keith's lawn ornaments......if either is pointed up or down, DON'T shoot!

I did, overall, shoot better last season. Part of it was shooting more matches, more flag reading practice 'real world'. The other part was shooting more sighters, which goes hand in hand with getting to know the flags better. Confirm your flag info with a sighter/sighters. If it takes several, then shoot several. Flags change, more sighters. I try to develop at least 2 conditions when shooting a card. When the flags change from one known condition to another known condition, I shoot sighters again before going to score. Things can change during the course of a card, lots of things.

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