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Ive been using the Win. Dynapoint HP, flash plated 45gr. lead for about a decade, fps has been about 1500 chron'ed. These have way more 'thwack' on junk steel than any 22LR load. Yeah they drop, but think of them as 'buff loads'. I used to campaign it in an Ol' Varmints Match at the club I was in and did well. Targets were bench paper at 50yd and full size varmint critter steel at random distance out to 100 off hand.
Would have tried those jacketed loads but our rules were lead in either the small bore cf's or the rf's that the match was intended for to get them out of the corner of the safe or closet.
Btw, my ballistics were similar to the old 22WCF, the grand dad of the much improved 22 Vierling (German) and then 22 Hornet.

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