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Took her out to the range and she fired very well. I could hit my 4" plates at 25 yards off hand but not my 2" or 3" plates. I did not sight her in yet just really a function test. I will sight her in in the afternoon tomorrow with some paper punching.

Took it to the gun room to clean her up. Took her all the way apart and the thing was just filthy. Got it all cleaned up and even made a new detent for the lock ring along with a spring I had in my parts bin. Now the locking ring locks the barrel good and tight, no wiggle or looseness at all. I will probably still order the correct part for it but right now the one I made is working great. Took an old AR 15 locking pin detent and filed a post around one end with a jewelers file so that it would fit in the spring and have a 90 degree ledge to compress the spring. Worked out very well.

Previous owner had the rear sight set all the way up so I know at 25 yards it had to be shooting high. Plus the rear sight was not centered. I correct both of those problems (might be a problem may have been correct) and will make proper adjustments tomorrow with paper targets and a bench.

Toomany22s, thanks for thinking of me when purchasing the second one.

Can't wait to see how it ends up.

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