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Originally Posted by TomMC View Post
This worked on mine. Stingers had no issues, but velocitors would get stuck in the mag where the metal portion starts. I dont have any 22 shorts laying around, so I used a drinking straw. Measure the first piece of straw, cut to lenght, then put it in the uncut portion of the straw, cut to length again. Absolute perfect fit, and the spring holder still can rotate freely on the follower's mount.

Kudos to you all for discovering the additional clearance between the two pieces was causing reliability issues with this mag.
I'll bet that would work sticking the drinking straw inside the casing as well, that would shim it so it couldn't wobble around like it does with just the shell casing.
It's great how people have different ways of solving the same problem.
I was thinking it needed something to fill in the gap and here someone comes up with it. Pretty darn cool! Good going Tom!
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