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Originally Posted by BobSc View Post
Well, received the K22 this morning and it is pretty much as advertised. Bluing is in very good shape, no rust anywhere. A fairly significant turn line but only in the blue, no metal damage. Bore and cylinders look to be in very good to excellent shape. Not sure who made the trigger shoe, but it looks an awful lot like an Ace...
Serial number is the one stated above- K74854, so I'm assuming late 40's, early 50's...

Need to get some target grips. The original grips are okay, but my big hands just can't get a decent grip on them. I'll be keeping my eyes out for a set of grips at the gun shows here. They seem to come up on a fairly regular basis if you know what you're looking for. Looking forward to taking it out to shoot soon...

Unless you get lucky target K frame diamond target grips are going for $200 these days. I thought N frame grips were over priced and K 's are now joining them. Best of luck in your search!
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