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Originally Posted by dbr65 View Post
LoneWolf, that is a really sharp-looking Mini! How does it shoot?

I think the idea of the Mini-14 is terrific, but I've had two of them and neither could hit the broad side of a barn from inside the barn! (I bought the first one and thought maybe it was just a bad example, so later tried a second; there won't be a third.) Maybe if they were re-barreled?

I wish I could tell you how it shoots! Truth be told, I inherited this one (in late 2014) and just haven't got around to shooting it. I have another one, in stainless steel, that I've only shot a couple of times, the last time being in the late 90's. I won't say the stainless mini was accurate, but I did get it on paper with the new at the time, Simmons ProHunter 3-9x32 scope, at 50 yards...

Originally I couldn't afford the ammo to shoot it much (the SS mini), but now that excuse is no good (as I inherited lots of ammo with the blued one). I guess I just enjoy shooting 22LR pistols and rifles so much I don't have much desire for shooting anything I have in CF. That is bound to change fairly soon. My interest is starting to grow in seeing what some of the CF rifles I have now can do. This includes an (inherited) LR-308 and a sporterized 1903 of my late father.

To elaborate a little on my lack of CF (and lack of some other) shooting... I have several old & major spinal injuries that limit my time upright. Combine that with somewhat recent, unwanted but forced medication cut backs, along with my long time love of "chasing soda cans" around, and I always want to have the most fun shooting that I can, in the time I have. The 22's just do it best for me. I have shot a number of different CF pistols all along, so maybe I just find CF rifles painful. I know shooting my late fathers 30/30 last year (for the 1st time) hurt like a SOB! I'm honestly afraid to fire the LR-308 (shoulder pain?), but just the other day I finally got a horrible odor cleaned off the butt-pad of the Kicklite, adjustable stock it came with (in addition to the A2 stock). Said butt-pad has really soft and thick rubber (with cushioning holes & slots in it) so I have hopes it won't hurt that bad, if at all. The 1903 is another matter with it's hard & thin butt pad. I'll likely take a pillow for my shoulder to shoot that one...

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