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It depends on where you are hunting and the local terrain.

This discussion reminds me of the old PO Ackley vs Harvey Donaldson articles about wildcat cartridges. Somehow neither one seemed to be able to admit that they were hunting COMPLETELY different situations where the other's choices would fail miserably.

For example:
Back East.... Where properties are small and the woods are thick.. Full of hills and hollers... You need good knockdown AND something that doesn't rattle the neighbor's windows or disturb Ms. Jones afternoon nap when you need to take out a garden destroyer in the back yard... Ranges are short though - you won't barely ever need to shoot 100 yards - and if you do, you risk hitting the neighbor's house or out building....

Out west or in the midwest where you are shooting out across bean fields or such - you need to stretch out the range. Noise isn't important a factor - but it better be able to reach out past 200 yards...

Since I live in a Back East situation - I can identify more with Harvey Donaldson than with Ackley.... 10 acres is a fairly large property around here.... A single shot rifle in 38 spl would be almost perfect shooting subsonic target wadcutters or soft lead hollowpoints. A full house 223 or 22-250 is a non-starter for me, as they make way too much racket, carry way too far, likely to get the cops called, etc... The Aquila SSS is powerful groundhog medicine as are SV segmented HP's. Regular 22lr HV HP's work well but start risking attention from the noise.

But... If you are out on a 200 acre farm out in PA - a 22-250 or a 223 is probably the ticket.... A 7-mag would be fine too, so long as you didn't care about leaving a pink cloud full of hair.....

PO Ackley won the war for the heart of the shooting public - which sort of meant the death of fun-hunting back east.... I mean a 30-06 on a 10-acre woodlot? No way.... But the gun mags say that's not enough - you gotta have at least a 300 Win Mag... They will hear the report 5 miles away... And then they call the cops....

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