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Sling instead of a brace

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I picked up a charger a while back. I know the rage is to add a brace, but for my use a brace would add enough bulk, length and weight I might as well carry a rifle. I decided to make my charger into a mini squirrel sniper. In researching ways to mount a sling I found Stark equipment makes a AR grip with a hook mount coming straight out the back. I removed the bi-pod and mount leaving the sling swivel in front a snap on the back of the sling make for a quick way to detach from the gun. I have a bass Pro brand 3 x 9 rifle scope on it . I carry the gun under my right arm (lefty) I can rotate the gun up with the sling coming over my left shoulder to just above my left hand and from the right side to the front sling mount plus both hands makes 4 points of contact and very stable for free hand nearly as steady as a rifle a lefty safety and extended magazine release rounds out my build I also use 10 round mags for hunting
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