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I ordered Edge Silhouette rings 2 weeks ago, before I found out about D3 rings this week on RFC. I ordered a set right away, so now I have both. I spent $85 on the Morr Accuracy Edge Silhouette rings and was kind of disappointed to see tooling marks on them when they arrived. I suppose that does not matter, as I plan to have them anodized but it is kind of disappointing that I could not order them in black to begin with. A side-by-side comparison has already been done here, I am mounting a scope on my 1712 tonight using the D3 rings. They definitely appear to be stouter, and are very well-made with an excellent finish, perfect fit on the scope tube with no lapping necessary. In the future I will probably go with the D3 rings, while I prefer the aesthetics of those by Morr Accuracy, $85 plus a two week wait plus the hassle and expense of having them anodized or Cerakoted when there is a $50 alternative thatís prefinished and arrives in 3 days makes the choice easy.
Iíll likely mount my EFR with the Morr Accuracy offering, and mount my Sightron on my backup rifle as well as my FX3 30X on the D3 rings.

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