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At 50 yards with low to medium quality ammo, 40 grain SV, like CCI SV, or Wolf Match , off a bench a front rest, and a rear bag 5 shot groups under the size of a quarter are expected, under the size of a nickel are good, under the size of a dime are great. At 50 yards MOA is 1/2 an inch, but you measure edge to edge and subtract off the bullet size, . 22. . I dont have a micrometer, so i use pocket change.

This makes me happy!

Yes its best to change one thing at a time, but you could save time if you put all those parts on and it worked fine, and if it didnt,take one off at a time.

Most barrels are hammer forged, they just left the dents i yours , cause it looks cool. Try the barrel first, you may get good results. Just doot bond it.

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