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Originally Posted by wkd View Post
Early model 64's do not use a return spring as the 2 halves are locked together.
Mine is three piece although the forward 2/3 portion has a detent in it with what must be a tiny spring behind this detent and it slightly rotates on this spring/detent. I take it the older bolts do not rotate in this forward portion but as you said are locked together? Are the older bolts 2 solid pieces?

Originally Posted by sunburned View Post
Correct, when the bolt is on the bench and decocked, the firing pin does retract. As I have never seen the smaller spring in past disassembly I wondered if it was lost or merely not used in older bolts. The diagram gave me pause. That the firing pin retracts without a spring is the input I needed. I appreciate your input.
I'd imagine you meant retracts when cocked? As wkd stated being locked together there must be a different configuration for pin retraction? Please don't let this spring mystery become a Halloween ghost.
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