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1. Do you currently shoot the .17 Mach 2?


2. How many firearms do you own that are chambered for .17 Mach 2?


3. Do you feel it is important to continue production of the .17 Mach 2?


4. How many rounds a year (on average) do you shoot of .17 Mach 2?


5. What is a reasonable price at which you will pay for .17 Mach 2?

$4 - $6/ box, maybe more for specialized ammo

It will be interesting to see if the results of this poll correlate and support actual 17M2 sales. What will keep ammo available is sales. As long as someone's making money selling M2 it will be available. Hopefully with the uptick in ammo prices all rimfires will surge. Talking to the Lapua and CCI guys at ShotSHOW they both told me they were seeing large increases in rimfire ammo orders... fingers crossed!
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