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First off, I'll be curious to see how your metal .17 funnel works out. Seems like any metal funnel would cause even more static electricity than the plastic ones, but it will be interesting to see if this is true. If it is true, RCBS makes a nice .17 funnel that works great on these small cases.

Measuring brass with a micrometer to determine pressures is a highly dangerous method. By time you get any meaningful results you will be far beyond yield pressures of your brass and possibly your action/bolt lugs. Best to start low as usual and look for pressure signs like cratered firing pin strikes in the primer, stiff bolt lift, and generally not exceeding pressures listed in your reloading books. Even these aren't great indicators but a good amount of common sense goes a long way to keeping you safe. My experience with almost all cartridges I shoot is that I find a "sweet spot" somewhere before I get to max pressures and I work around that. Once I find that sweet spot I adjust powder charges by tenths and once that doesn't seem to make any difference I adjust bullet seating depth. In most of my rifles, about .005-.010" from touching the lands is about right but you may have to experiment a bit to find what your rifle likes....

If you're really anal like me and a few guys I know, you can deburr the flash holes with the proper tool, chamfer the inside and outside of the case mouth, clean the case mouth with a stiff case brush to get consistent bullet grip, etc..... the deburring only has to be done once on all cases BTW.

One of the best tools I ever bought was the RCBS case prep station with all the stations for these monotonous chores. Saves me time and energy so I can move along to more important anal exercises in reloading....

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