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I've been reloading about 25 years on and off. I suggest you go with all RCBS. I've used other equipment and Redding is also very good. Lyman has rough threads, Lee has cheap dies that don't work all that great and Hornady is hit and miss. I don't like the dies with the sliding seating stem. Just too fiddly for me. Shell holders are mostly interchangeable but sometimes they don't work with certain things like hand priming tools if from the wrong manufacture.

I would buy the RCBS press and then you might want an automatic powder measure for most accurate measurement of those small charges but the manual uniflow measure is good down to about 2 or 3 grains of fine powder. I had a lee measure and it leaked all the time and bound up a lot too. It was cheap. Used equipment can save you a lot of money so look at your local adds. O style presses are best but C style prices are OK too if all steel. I had an old C style pacific for awhile I sold. It was a real good one but I have all green on my bench now Avoid aluminum presses. They wear out and get sloppy. Turret presses are OK but there is some wiggle in the head. You will need a special funnel for 17 caliber and a loading block of some sort to pour the powder charges into the case. Boat tail bullets should sit on the case when you run them into the press without any problems except from FAT FINGERS. I'm sure the 223 is easy compared with the 17 hornet.
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