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I used to shoot a 17 Rem and have loaded some Hornet for others and the advice above is great. A couple things to consider- the 17 Hornet and 22 Hornet brass tends to be pretty thin, so turning the necks can be a touchy proposition.
Also, what I found is using forming lubricant can be tricky. Even a little bit extra on the case and especially the shoulders and you will deform the cases- even more than standard brass because of the small size and thin walls. If you're using a lube pad, barely lubricate it before use and wipe off excess if necessary before forming.
Seating bullets is a whole different story. With my big hands and fat fingers, this was the hardest part of the process and I think would lead to rounds that weren't as concentric as I would like since it was difficult to see if I started the bullet in the case straight. Small rounds demand attention to small details....

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