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I have also just started reloading for the .17 Hornet. It has been like going back to school. LOL. While the factory ammo did OK at 100 yards, my first batch of 50 handloads shot all over the place. Nothing like a group among them. I had shot 50 rounds of factory ammo and then neck sized the cases only. Still trying to figure out what I did wrong.

It could have been the charges (which are small, comparatively, and very sensitive to a kernal of powder clinging to a funnel spout or the like). It could have been too, that neck sizing with a Wilson bushing die was not as simple a process as I had made it out to be for .222 and .223. Or I could have chosen a neck sizing bushing that was too small.

My powder of choice was AA 1680 and I have been using 20 grain bullets in a CZ 527.

I am starting again with unfired brass. I will FL size them to have uniform neck tension and then try again.

I needed: new funnel, new sizing/seating dies, new shellholder for the press, new case holder for my primer tool, new cleaning rod for the rifle, new bushing for my Hornady tool for measuring the case length to the bullet ogive, new ammo boxes and so on. I refer to this all as the "new caliber tax," which suddenly reminded me why I had sworn off new calibers last year. . . . which lasted until I saw the CZ 527 Varmint chambered in .17 Hornet. So much for internal resolve.
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