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The pumps are all 62 SA( slide action)
They came in blue and nickel, and one year, 1986, stainless. With either a 23 or 161/2 inch barrel most with round barrels but some with octagon barrels. The early ones were s, l or Lr rifles, the later ones changed the lifter and were 22 Lr only.

Firearms international went out of business in the 1960s so yours is an old one, but I couldnít find any serial # date of mfg lists. Back then everything was on paper, then micro filmed then burned

They donít seem to have a lot of value as collectors guns, but are fine shooters, so refinishing yours shouldn't decrease its value.

Just get it , your boy , and your uncle to a field with a big box of ammo and a bunch of tin cans and have fun
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