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bugeye, my comments did not mention wear to the top of the hammer even once. The long time issue has been that the hammer necessarily presses against the bottom of the safety drum and breech rail. With considerable drag. Due to the shape of the hammer face and the small gap between the safety drum and rear of the breech block...the hammer tip can catch there. This occurs at the same time the nose of the feed rail is expending energy shoving a round out of the magazine. The result can be that the slide simply stops mid point while chambering a round. A gently tap to the rear of the slide will usually cause the slide to close and fully chamber the round.

The original hammer was particularly prone to catching here.......which is why Walther reprofiled it in about 2007. I had a number of discussions regarding this and other P22 issues with the chief engineer in Arnsburg.

Above is a drawing I made in about 2005 illustrating the issue and how reprofiling the original hammer could eliminate the tip on the hammer from dropping into the small gap which could stop forward movement of the slide. The hammer is fully hardened according to the Chief Engineer of Walther small arms so reprofiling did not have any effect on weakening the hammer surface.

No, my magazines do not let the rounds sit too high. During the history of the P22 there have been only two magazine issues. The originals did not have any rim stagger slots and did not feed properly. They were soon dropped, replaced with magazines having a 1" stagger slot. In about 2006 or 07 the pistol came with some short slot mags....these did not function properly either. Walther sent me five prototype B mags to test for them. Thicker metal and a return to the long stagger slot. They worked perfect. That model has not changed as of this date.

Almost the entire history of this pistol is contained in threads at this Forum. 1917
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