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Did you all mean v-block screws?

Sorry if I neglected to mention it but with this method of pointing the barrel up if you don't torque the v-block nice and tight the bore not only points way too far up it also changed poi too much over temperature due to the different expansion rates of AL tang and steel barrel. This is not speculation on my part. I verified it and to a certain degree quantified as well. I'll try to detail that another day/week/mo whatever.

I don't know how you all did yours to get the bore dead center and pointed up 20-30moa but Swiss and I are on the page. I just eliminated the extra step of using the set screw from below and longer rail screw from above. The set screw from below is replaced, and surpassed imo, by the use of the TD screw for set/cure process. The longer rail screw is a net negative. I verified/quantified that the same way. That is why I skipped it the second time. At first, I did the exact same thing as Swiss for the same reason but it turned out to be the polar opposite of what I thought it would do.

I will say that having gone thru this process I learned a lot and more convinced than ever that in the long run I would like to have CPC thread my barrel(s) to at least one receiver. I proved to myself that he is right, that is the ONLY way to get the 'stability' that I know I want. That day may never come but it is something I would like to do.

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