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Shaping a grip area for maximum

shooting accuracy. I have noticed "engaging" conversations about the look of a stock, as if how it appears is more important than function.

The stock has an assumed primary function...enabling accuracy. Anything that detracts from that goal should be examined in light of the assumed goal, or another goal. Example: I have customers who want a certain look, and do not care if that "Look" is not an enhancement of the function of accuracy. Sometimes the look IS more important IF the gun sets in the gun safe, or is for show only....or perhaps fired a few times a year.

But, for competition/accuracy purposes, function remains supreme.

On these Russian rifles, the stocks followed a prevailing format of that day. I am sure anyone reading this has seen a has seen trends in guns like clothing of autos. This stock was made for medium hand sizes, perhaps in late JR or Sr high school. An average American man, average hand size, would be slightly large for this grip / stock. The larger the man/ hands, the more the hand must be contorted to shoot this rifle for maximum accuracy. Maximum accuracy potential is achieved when the body does not contort when holding the stock.

On this stock, my palm heel extends over the edge of the grip and the little finger is pushed forward. The designers did have these facts in mind when designing the stocks because the grip on some have a groove , just below the palm swell, for the little finger. And, the grip cap area is angled for function and weight reduction. All I am doing is adding material to adapt the stock for my size of hand.

Notice my fingers are angled upward, to all fit on the grip, and index finger juts downward at and angle.

My palm heel extends over the side of the grip cap area somewhat, even though I am keeping my hand cramped so as to all fit on the grip area. This detracts from a natural hold, and potential accuracy.

Here my hand fits better. No cramping. Index finger is parallel to the stock and other fingers/ stock belly and heel extends over the grip.

Side view with extension. Rough shaped.

Grip cap area angled for weight reduction.

( A great thing about these rifles is that they are inexpensive, rugged, low trade value and the stocks have wood to spare. Great for the DIYS stock maker. If you ever want to charge for your work, you have experience in what to do, avoid. Drilling, plugging, adding wood is not an option on customers stock many times. )

More to come,


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