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When I said middle 50's-I probably should have said late 50's before the standard blue 52c's had the shiny unblued muzzles(nobody knows the exact date that the change occured) I have a new in the crate 52c heavyweight(pictured on page 153 of the 52 book) that has the standard blue finish and a un-blued muzzle. This is a very late 52c! The point I was trying to make was that the early dovetailed 52c's that had the standard blue also had the blued muzzles. Your gun is also correct for the era its in. Im glad you showed the pictured because the man who was buying the gun on auction arms thought because it had a blued muzzle then it was wrong.(He said it was a 53 gun so its earlier than yours. I would like to know when the change occured from the standard blued guns going from a blued muzzle to a unblued one. One thing for certain that if its rust blued the muzzle will be unblued as the rust blueing would harm the bore and the standard blue would not!
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