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1-2. I am currently in the market for a .17HM2 rifle. I have shot one, and read a lot, I think it suits my needs perfectly. But, I gotta say, I'm a little disheartened, when my gunshop told me that none of their distributors are stocking the CZ-452, in 17HM2, and he can't order it. So, I'm currently trolling, and will find one soon enough.
3. Well, if I buy the gun, I'd like to be able to get ammo.
4. I currently shoot several K .22LR. The .17HM2, would replace a large % of that.
5. I just paid $11/box for Lapua Midas L, 22LR, and thought it was a smokin deal. So, I guess I'm not too price sensitive in the ammo dept.
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