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Originally Posted by Basstar View Post
I just purchased this Sporter Carbine ... smitten with the looks, feel, and handling of this rifle as it is my initial intentions are to keep it stock and just shoot it for fun.
Like many, um ... mature shooters, I also appreciate a 'scope (being almost 68-11/12 years young)

However, I personally attest that either model (TSR-100 or TSR-200) for the Ruger 10/22 will increase the FUN Factor of shooting the rifle and, at the same time, will add to the rifle's good looks (IMHO).

And FYI, the front sight, while taller than the factory original, does not interfere with a 'scope (at least not on my 10/22). Meaning, you could 'scope or red dot the rifle and keep/carry the rear Tech-Sight as a backup.

Check TECH-SIGHTS - link https://www.tech-sights.com/ruger-products/
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