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So i have bought 4 of these 1 was a unit made for slidefire like the link posted and 3 were from S&P all came with a 2- 2.5 pound spring in them.

I personally really like these triggers. A Kidd they are not but they are great for the money! The internals are really robust and a nice simple design. Super nice loud reset as well. They take about 200 rounds to break in but end up very crisp with slight smooth take up. The spring is easy to switch for pull weight just remove 2 pins and the 2 subassembles lift right out. I would cation using the 1# spring as you can have failures to reset in my experience. 1.5# is perfect.

The other thing to know is from what JARD told me is the slide fire units are slightly different internally then the normal Sportsman. As I recall they will swap them out for $15 or so. All of mine worked fine I did end up sending the slidefire unit to them to be converted to their adjustable trigger.

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