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BIATHLON-7-2-KO BASIC from Centerfire Systems

Originally Posted by joe1347 View Post
Looks like CenterfireSystems is still offering the Biathlon Basic 7-2 (apparently now known as the Saiga Biathlon SAI-22LR) for $329.
Nothing special from Centerfire Systems.
The model designation SAI-22LR is a re-marketing name by CFS - nothing else.
Just a plain-jane BIATHLON-7-2-KO BASIC as imported by Russian American Armory Company.

Originally Posted by joe1347 View Post
... Any problems and who do yor send the rifle back to if it needs repairs
or warranty service? Or more pointedly, is there even a warranty?
You will need to contact CFS an ask them your questions.
CFS customer service should be your point-of-contact.

Originally Posted by joe1347 View Post
Given it's limited distribution, the Biathlon Basic seems to be somewhat of a mystery or an unknown,
then again it's 'exclusivity' contributes to it's appeal.[/IMG]
If you are intersted in buying a BIATHLON-7-2-KO BASIC
it will not be difficult to locate one for sale - used or NIB.

Now a Legion Sobol ... that is an exclusive rifle.
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