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Originally Posted by doubs43 View Post
..... priced at $329.99. I was just on their web site and they have them in both .22LR as well as .22 Mag for the same price!

Link: http://www.centerfiresystems.com/
Looks like CenterfireSystems is still offering the Biathlon Basic 7-2 (apparently now known as the Saiga Biathlon SAI-22LR) for $329. Curious, has anyone actually purchased a BB from CenterFire and gotten a close look at the rifle? From the few reviews out there, it certainly sounds like owners are very pleased with the accuracy and the great trigger - but how about reliability? Any problems and who do yor send the rifle back to if it needs repairs or warranty service? Or more pointedly, is there even a warranty? Given it's limited distribution, the Biathlon Basic seems to be somewhat of a mystery or an unknown, then again it's 'exclusivity' contributes to it's appeal.

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