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Originally Posted by Looter View Post
'Already said it in the other thread, but just for the sake of any Russian newbies that may be reading: The Russian Biathlon rifle and the Saiga are not the same thing. Don't be confused by vendors selling it as such. The Saiga is a line of centerfire, semiautomatic rifles and shotguns.
While the same factory complex (Izhmash) makes both the Saiga and the BI 7-2 KO Basic, they are indeed two different lines of rifles. On their web site, the Basic is listed as a hunting rifle (so are the Saigas) while the Biathlon rifles are sporting rifles.

Interestingly, the illustrations on the Izhmash site of the BI 7-2 KO show a rifle with a different stock than those being sold in the US as the Biathlon Basic.

Why the dealers are describing the Biathlon Basic as a "Saiga" is a mystery to me.

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