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Originally Posted by mr_ouija View Post
Yea I realized that after I had posted.
Btw, did your BB ship yet? Mine's not supposed to be here til the 27th and the wait is killing me.

MT Guns told me they had about 1000 new rifles coming in about 10 days after I called them. I strongly believe MT Guns and R&R both use Zanders as their distributor.
Years ago when I had an FFL (01) I used to get Zander's catalog. They always seemed to be slightly higher than other distributors. I'm going from memory so take that with a grain of salt.

I fully empathize with the pain of waiting. I suffer every time I order something.

My rifle has shipped and could be here tomorrow. Your order should have processed before mine so it may be that the routing to OK is slower than to GA. I really have no idea why your delivery isn't until Tuesday unless it has something to do with method of payment. I paid by Visa over the phone.
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