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Joe Chacon's mechanical rest can be found here, and sometimes Killough's carry them.


The rest is stable and slides back to POA really well.

Be forewarned that the "factory finish" is rough, and it takes a few nights of elbow grease with Flitz paste to get it nice & shiny like mine.

The ABRA rest seems to be out of stock now.... try and email Joe Chacon at [email protected]. I emailed Joe Chacon when it was out of stock, and he said he gets them quite regularly and consistently......... I got mine in about 2 weeks. The price is the same as when I got mine in April 2018... so there's no increase.

Ernie is personable and dependable. I got mine through Ernie. You'll get your SEB Bigfoot real soon. You'll see that the slick ears are ..... slick !

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