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grg, Thanks , I just recently got a 580 and i shot it a lot before i did anything to it and it shot fantastic . The wood did not look the best ,kinda oil soaked around the action screw so i just installed a pillar and skim bedded about 1" under the action around the screw and about 1" of the barrel in front of the action and left the pressure point in the front of the stock as from the factory. There was no change in accuracy it is still great ,but all i wanted to do was stabilize the old wood under the action. This is the first 580 line of rifles i have shot and i really like it,i did install a different trigger spring now have a good 3 lb pull down from the original 5 lbs.
Now i'm on the look out for a 581, these rifles are so trim and light and well balanced they will make a fine Squirrel rifle. I found a old Bushnell fixed 6x40 scope for $25.00 ,i adjust the parallax to 35 yds and it works great so far on the 580.
grg , thank you for sharing of knowledge on these little Remington Gems.

Now i am thinking of relieving the pressure point and glassing the channel as you have described and see how that works i can always add it back.

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