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New to Knife Sharpening

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As strange as this may seem I'm relatively new to knife sharpening. My experience is limited to using a ChefsChoice sharpener. I don't know if I'll ever get to the point where knife sharpening becomes my favorite pastime. I just like to have sharp a sharp knife available when I need one. Most of my blades are short 2" - 4 1/2", primarily pocket knives and a few Moras. I've read favorable reports on the Work Sharp system and have a few questions.

What are the differences between the standard Work Sharp and Ken Onion Worksharp systems? Is the KO system worth the price difference?
Are both suitable for small blades?
What, if any, are the short-comings or disadvantages of both systems?
I'd be interested in any other information you can contribute based on your personal experience. Thanks, Tom
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