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Originally Posted by Grayrock View Post
Is this a similar assembly to the 99-M1? I thought I had read many moons ago that I could push the bolt handle in to hold it open. It has never worked for me. I have never taken it apart to clean deeply inside. This was my first real gun I received when I was a lad back in 1969 or so.
Yes the action is the same. The bolt hold open feature was introduced I believe in 1969 or so. Several of my 99M1's and 989M2 produced in the mid 60's do not have the bolt hold open feature. You have to fabricate a piece about 1 1/2" long to hold the bolt open to clean the barrel unless you take the complete assembly apart.
BTW, there should be a two digit alpha code on the barrel just in front of the hand guard that equates to the month and year of production.
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