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Originally Posted by oldcrotchety View Post
If you can remove the action and then pull the bolt back and tilt the front of the bolt up slightly you can remove the charging handle. Make sure the small tab on the opposite end of the charging handle is still there. If you completely remove the bolt, being careful to not kink the spring, you can clean the receiver including the small round hole in the side of the receiver. The small hole is where the charging handle tab inserts to hold the bolt back. The hole may be gunked up.
Originally Posted by mals9 View Post
Its possible that the indent to hold the charging handle back may be clogged or the nipple on the handle may be worn.

Update--- I give this update with a red face and slight embarassment.

Went back to the range today to give the gun another try before disassembly and to my shock it worked fine today without a single hitch. I dont know what was wrong yesterday except to guess I was doing something wrong, possibly not pulling the bolt back far enough before attempting to push in the charging handle?
Or maybe there was some fouling in the hole in the receiver that dissolved or broke up?

Whatever the case, I am back to shooting.
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