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Model 60 Charging Handle Problem

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This isn't to be confused with the last shot hold open feature, that still seems to be working fine.

But on my previously flawless 2004 vintage Model 60 (bought 6 months ago in very good condition for $100 at a pawn shop) today I was unable to push the charging handle in to hold the bolt back in the most rearward position for cleaning. It wont push in to allow the bolt to stay back.

Any ideas what this might be or the seriousness of it? Still shoots and functions ok otherwise.
This gun has been jam-proof since I have had it and never chokes no matter the ammo. It is totally factory stock, unless something was done before I got it, but it still has the stiff factory trigger pull so I assume it hasnt been bothered internally. I have no optic on it and shoot it open sights.

Hope this is a simple matter, any insight appreciated.
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