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10/22 Supersport questions

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This question is for anyone who has helpful information. I asked a question over on the Ultimate 10/22 section of this forum, and it seems that there isn't much love for the factory 10/22 receiver. Is this a common view that the receiver needs to be replaced?

I have built a very accurate super-stock 10/22 on a factory receiver. Is there a serious gain in accuracy from using a Kidd or other receiver?

My thought was to buy a complete 10/22 and then start swapping out components (barrel, trigger, etc..). It seems like you can even pay to have a Kidd rear tang added to your factory receiver and stock.

I'm just looking for the most economical way to a MOA/sub-MOA rifle. I had one in my superstock, but sold it in a lapse in judgement. I figure I might want to try a Supersport this time around.
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