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Personal affront

Originally Posted by 25ring View Post
Look,I'm not offering this to be argumentative or get into a ****ing contest.I've used this procedure to get leading out of barrels for almost 2 decades.I found out about it from a BPCR master class shooter.I don't think the turpentine does anything chemically either but it sure does allow the patch to grab onto the leading.Why not try it and see? It's cheap and won't harm your barrel what have you got to lose?I'm just trying to help some people out and pass some info on.I'm sorry you took it as a personal affront.---Mike.
Did not take it as a personal affront.

My issue is that a posting like yours can cause uneducated RFC members to believe that a chemical, in this case Turpentine, can remove bonded lead regardless of "I've used this procedure to get leading out of barrels for almost 2 decades"

My primary contribution to RFC is in woodworking and I really don't care what finish folks use anymore then what cleaner or solvent they use but I do care that they know what they are using will and will not do.

By the by, I have been a long range BPCR master class shooter since 1970 and competed in virtually every state in the union including Alaska, albeit don't do much anymore, but still mess with long range stuff, 600 yards or better on my own ranges. Cast my own bullets and handload cartridges like 50/140 which is my favorite.


Will White Spirits remove BP fouling? Yes.

Will White Spirits remove the lube? Yes

Will White Spirits remove any contaminates that might be in that fouling or lube such as maybe light smears, particles of lead or un-burned powder? Yes.

Will White Spirits Turpentine, known as Mineral Turpentine, do the above? Yes

Will vegetable based Turpentine, known as organic Turpentine, do the above? Yes

Will Turpentine Oil do the same? NO! Turpentine Oil is a resin, not a solvent!

Will any of them remove bonded or fused, some RFC folks relate to that word better, lead or copper? No.

So what is the difference between say original formula Mineral Spirits which Chemical name is Stoddard Solvent, Naptha, Kerosene, both types of Turpentine and other solvents of the C7-C12 hydrocarbon family?

The only real difference in them are the evaporation rate, flash points and "oiliness".

Turpentine evaporates faster then original formula Mineral Spirits but is not as powerful. Naptha has the fastest evaporation of the c7-c12 hydrocarbons but is the least powerful.

Original formula Minerals spirits is the oiliest, Turpentine is less "oily" followed by Naptha which is "driest".

Do some folks use a small amount of Turpentine on a patch between shots and again for a more thorough cleaning after the match.

Yes to #1, not that I know of for #2 unless you are using paper patched bullets in which case if you do that correctly you won't have any bonded/fused lead or copper to remove..


PS: Turpentine is the only c7-c12 hydrocarbon that can damage a transparent chemical coating so if you don't dismount your action you need to wipe the stock down with a dry old towel to make sure you don't have any that might have gotten on it. It is the only plasticizer of the group.

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