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Not sure about....

Originally Posted by TrblShtr View Post
MSDS for Ballistol

The only thing I can find on a "ban" was in California in 2014. A brief search didn't indicate if that is still in effect or not, Prop 65 or otherwise. I wash my hands after use, mainly because I only use it to clean guns and I always wash my hands after cleaning guns.

Is still in effect.

One of the issues with Prop 65 is that in some cases a product is banned, such as Tru-OilŪ but not gone into as to why...in that case because of the Mineral Spirits in it....but the chemical that caused the ban, again MS is not listed.

Relative to the chemical itself (Mineral Oil) and you can search for this....

"When given to lab rats in small doses, they die. This includes topical, injected, and oral doeses. The four fastest ways for anything to be absorbed into your body are: 1) IV 2)through the skin, 3) under the tongue, and 4) oral digestion.
Mineral oil is basically crude oil. Crude oil is also what motor oil is, mineral oil is just more refined than motor oil. Petroleum jelly is also basically the same thing only hardened. It has been proven that mineral oil is carcinogenic."


"Mineral oil —a common ingredient in many kinds of lotions— has been linked to at least 23 diseases, including autoimmune disorders and a number of different cancers.

Furthermore, this mineral oil toxic ingredient— is used in many kinds of sunscreen—is likely to increase your risk of skin cancer, according to areport from Green Med Info. In one animal study, lotions containing mineral oil toxic ingredient were found to multiply the total number of tumors up to 69%."

The debate rages on with folks like Johnson's arguing that it is neither toxic nor a carcinogen but that is to be expected since it is a high profit product, against studies over the last 10 years by various U.S. and European government organizations and independent labs around the world which have found enough proof to either ban or consider banning the chemical from a variety of products such as home care products and baby oil but they cannot deny this.

"Mineral oil forms an oily film over the skin to lock in moisture, toxins and wastes, but hinders normal skin respiration by keeping oxygen out. It blocks the pores and the skin’s natural respiration."

Which started the whole research when John's Hopkins labs proved the above.

Takes a long time for that type of research, took em almost 15 years to require a warning about liquid Silicone and maybe another 5 for an outright ban but when they get to the point they are banning is just about guaranteed.

An analogy would be tobacco products can cause cancer. For over 20 years the tobacco companies said 1. It would not. 2. The research was flawed. 3. They lost in both cases and every one knows about warnings on tobacco products.

As to the effectiveness of Ballistol with a patch on a jag, I can only relate my experience, which is that it is an effective method of cleaning a bore with minor leading. I tend to things before extreme leading takes place so I can't speak to the effectiveness of this method under those conditions.

I do have to walk back my statement "doesn't dissolve anything" as the MSDS indicates that "Ballistol dissolves traces of copper, zinc, lead and tombac...".

Not sure what you mean by "walk back" but traces is nowhere near the same as deposits. Traces can be used as a description for oxidation and still remain legal. In addition if you drill down deeper relative to that wording, you will find that traces is further defined as residue. Not deposits.

After years of regular use I haven't noticed any issues with wood finishes with the incidental exposures they have endured, but then I don't wipe down a stock with Ballistol and I typically run a clean cloth over my stocks as the final step in the cleaning process.
If you do that then the odds of wood contamination are close to zero.


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