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You can't go wrong with Bore Tech Rimfire Blend bore cleaner. Anschutz NA uses Bore Tech products in their service department and custom shop which says a lot.

The Rimfire Blend is specially formulated for cleaning rimfire rifles. It dissolves and cleans lead, powder fouling, corrosive residue and bullet wax. It is also biodegradable, ammonia free, odorless and is 100% safe on all barrels. I will pour some in my barrel and leave it to soak for 20 min followed by some dry patches pulled through to remove the gunk. I then run some patches with either Balistol or Kroill applied to a cotton patch followed by a couple of dry patches.

If you shoot copper plated bullets, then Bore Tech Chameleon gel is the way to go. It removes severe carbon, copper, lead and moly fouling. It's odor free, biodegradable and 100% safe for all barrel types.

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