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Originally Posted by IPSC View Post
VH... no doubt....however.....I've now seen a number of Challengers with the Medalist style click plate, and wonder if it has the same dry-fire capability as Medalist. Seems to me that the Challenger would then also need the "hooked" safety lever of Medalist....I have never torn-down a Challenger ( with Medalist click plate) that far to know for sure.

Maybe Chim, Seaotter, or others closer to the game here may offer an opinion ?

The other possibility is that during original assembly at the factory, there is nothing wrong with installing a Medalist click plate in a Challenger, as it would function as well either way in the anticipated Challenger condition ( ie, no dry-fire capability).
OK. As I have all 3 off them, a Medalist, a Challenger and an International, and it was time to give the Challenger a cleaning I observed that mine - fabrication date = 1962, so an early model - also has the double click plate as in the Medalist.

what it does not have is the bend safety switch as you can see in Chims pictures (middle one), so it's impossible to engage. I have not yet tried to disassemble my International and see if I can transplant the complete rear safety. But as it looks to me I think the Challenger has nearly everything on board to have the dry-fire mecanisme

Sorry for the large pictures.

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