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Please excuse me...but I am also coming in late on this interesting discussion, and would like to follow-up on the dry-fire mechanism. Please refer to "Chim"'s post above, post #16 for details and pictures that apply.

Like Chim once posted, it would be interesting to see how many parts are different in the dry-fire mechanism, and if it would be reasonably easy and possible to retrofit these pieces to other guns (Challengers ?) that supposedly don't have this feature.

I have an original 1978 version of the factory parts lists for the Nomad / Challenger / Medalist series...and have found some interesting (but also conflicting) information.

For example, the Medalist click plate that Chim shows...is listed as part number PO51730 for "Nomad"....but shows part number PO51731 for "Challenger and Medalist". This is odd, as Chim's picture clearly shows that there needs to be a matching piece, the safety with the "hook" ( to presumably allow recocking in the dry-fire mode). Again, from the parts list, we find this for the safety lever.... part number PO51980 for "Nomad and Challenger"....and part number PO51984 for "Medlaist". If the click plate information is correct, then we should expect the safety to be the same for Challenger and Medalist, but it is not .

I don't have my pristine '74 Challenger (bought new) apart in front of me at the moment...but my recollection is that there may be a "slot" in the clickplate like Medalist. Can others here confirm?. Does somehow the Challenger have this feature all along, and we don't know it? (LATER EDIT.....found this thread where someone had a Challenger with a Medalist click plate, and the responders here had no idea how that feature got there as a possible factory fitment---> https://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums...ght=challenger)

Aside....as to parts numbers. I notice that the 1978 factory parts list uses a PO51XXX numbering system, whereas my Challenger owner's manual removes the "PO" and also removes the "1". For example.... Challenger sear is 5791 in my owners manual....but is shown as PO51791 in the parts list. Did anyone notice this?


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