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Look for dings to steam out or fill w/epoxy. Better to raise wood than lower surface.

Use areas already set up for lightening weight. B e careful of the finished surfaces.

Blend radius.

Align extension w/ top and bottom center lines.

SCREW not GLUE in place. This allows one to check for problems prior to a more permanent situation. REMEMBER: This is offset. If you put the screws in the center of the extension, it will pierce the SIDE of the stock. Three screws are always best if possible.

Work to about 85% of the finished product.

Cut the fore end tip to 35 degrees.

Check both sides for overall fit.

Apply epoxy to butt stock, but allow NONE into the screw holes. Scrape the wood screws across wax or soap to fill the threads, This will displace any epoxy and allow easy removal. Notice the screws sitting on the extension with white wax in the threads. A dry lubricant is needed.

Screw on the extension, and clamp any supporting pieces. This small block is to fill the area of the stock belly.

Mark any areas that need work. The area in front of the cheek piece is where amateur work shows up. I need to reduce the zig zag area and avoid the area in the circle, which is a little low already.

More to come,

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