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I just bought one this week and shot it for the first time today. Only got 100 rounds of CCI HV 40gr. down range but no failures at all, ran smooth. Iíve had a PMR & CMR for a while so Iím familiar with loading the mags, without the American Nest loader itís a chore. VERY surprised at accuracy, this one might give my MK I or HS Sportking a run for their money. With the full top rail mounting an optic is easy. Nice SA pull for an out of the box trigger. 33 rounds goes faster than you think.

Mags are a snug fit, even when full they donít drop free. And pricey, $50 a pop. Comes with two so at least my $430 pistol came with $100 worth of mags.

Got an order in for the Farrowtech brace with the Tailhook and their angled grip, then Iíll find out what this thing is capable of.
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