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Originally Posted by BB61 View Post
As I'm not mechanically inclined, I sent my P-22 back to Walther yesterday. Mine would sometimes fire with the safety engaged. I will let everyone know what Walther decides the fix is. Although it's out of the 1 year warranty, I'm hoping they won't charge me much if anything as this has and is a repetitive problem. With the value of a used Walther not being very high, repairs could exceed its value and turn it into an expensive paperweight.
Something is broken if this is occurring. There are two safeties that are engaged when the safety lever is set to safe. The safety drum physically blocks the hammer from being able to hit the hammer and a cam on top of the drum engages the firing pin which stops it from moving should the pistol be dropped or the hammer hit. In addition there is an internal firing pin block. S&W will repair it at no cost. M1911
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