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Originally Posted by aarondhgraham View Post
There have been several very interesting threads lately on single-shot .22 rifles,,,
I am a lover of single-shot rifles in general,,,
Especially those chambered in .22 LR.

So, what is (are) your favorite(s)?

A few months ago I would have said my Henry Acu-Bolt,,,
But in recent months I've purchased a few more,,,
They are giving my Henry some competition.

I went into The Evil Pawn Shop a few months ago,,,
There hanging on the wall was a Western Field model 815,,,
A quick look at the chart at Numrich told me it was a Mossberg 320.

It has a spring hinged loading ramp that I love,,,
Just lay the cartridge on the loading ramp.

It points the cartridge dead center to the chamber,,,
The ramp hinges down as the bolt closes.

I found a 60's vintage scope for it,,,
Now I can shoot groups that rival my very precise Henry.

A few months later I got the bug for an older military trainer,,,
I scored a very nice Polish WZ-48 from an individual.

I haven't shot the rifle much due to the cold weather,,,
But the one quick outing gave me nickel sized groups at 25 yards,,,
I have a feeling she will do much better when it's warmer and I'm not shivering.

For Christmas to myself I purchased a Mauser ES340B on Gunbroker,,,
It was even colder the one range trip I made to test fire it,,,
But 5 rounds at 25 yards produced a very tight group.

Another I bought on a whim is a Savage 3B that I picked up as a project rifle,,,
I've only fired 5 rounds through it to ensure functionality,,,
The group was way off the bullseye but very tight.

I love the feel of that old Savage,,,
When I shoulder the rifle it just settles right on target,,,
I have high hopes for it's performance as soon as I restore the wood/metal finish.

Lastly I have a H&R Sportster,,,
This is just a fun gun to shoot for pleasure,,,
I bought this gun new in 2007 when I got back into shooting.

It's no tack driver but with a 4X Cabela's branded scope,,,
I can hit clay pigeons at 100 yards all day long.

So right now I'm going to say that my favorite remains the Henry Acu-Bolt,,,
But when the weather warms up and I can get to the range,,,
One of my newer guns might supplant it in my eyes.

So, what is (are) your favorite(s) single-shot .22 rifle(s)?


Years ago I purchased a Charter Arms AR-7 Jam-O-Matic. What to do? I turned it into a single shot. I use a larger custom made charging handle to be easy on my fingers when I draw the bolt back. Not only that, I have auto eject on a single shot. Also, as a single shot FTF and FTE are memories.
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