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Originally Posted by RaiderANV View Post
Because Winchester pumped 100's of thousands into advertising the 22MAG and Remington 10's of 1000's. They bought the market IMHO
Nah. I think it was several reasons. Having American rounds in the MM designation was new. THe 7MM Mag was just catching on. Then you had the .244/6MM screw up leaving shooters thinking whats, what? The .280 Rem should have out performed the .270 Win and 30-06 but wasn't close to either. Then the 5MM comes out. Some bought it like I did and within 10 years the cost almost tripled for a unreloadable round. Good Bye, hello cheap .223. Now we have all the internet to sing the praises of anything. Back then you bought what worked for people you knew or the gun mags praised.
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