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22 short bolt and magazine combo?

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Many years ago I purchased a modified MK2 bolt and a couple of magazines that were meant to run 22 shorts. (back when they were more plentiful and inexpensive)

Just came upon the parts over the weekend while cleaning out some older stuff in a cabinet.

Not sure if there was any interest in looking at something like this. I probably got them from a member on the old Ruger rimfire board, or even further back when we all had modems and used to wait days upon end for messages to go across country. I am pretty sure this pre-dates RFC, but it might not.

Wasn't sure if anyone wanted to see it, I recall the mags are a bit roughly made.
Been forever since I used it. Seems all oiled up and I'm not even sure where to buy shorts anymore locally. If there is interest I'll probably try and wrangle a couple boxes of shorts somewhere and see if it works at all. I don't have a stock mk2 anymore, so can't say how it will run. I don't recall it EVER being 'great'.
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