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Originally Posted by tonykharper View Post
Originally Posted by Turbosam View Post
Tony not to rain on the parade but people can't even shoot perfect scores on the 50/50 portion and you want to make it harder?

Apparently I didn't make my point. Please let me try again.

IR 50/50 unlimited scoring allows many people to shoot a three target agg. of 750. Three 250s. The top 6-10 shooters at the Triple Crown do it every year.

The problem is a 250 1X target beats a 249 24X target. In other words the most precision target does not always win with IR 50/50 unlimited scoring.

Many shooters realize this and know if they shoot one 9 they are most likely out of it.

That one shot could be a bad round, or your own fault most of the time you will never know.

With IR 50/50 10 shot scoring the most precision target always wins. More like the ARA and PSL.

In ARA and PSL the best shooters are working with scores in the 2350 plus range. The best they can do if they are really on their game is 2500. That is their possible upside.

On the other hand the best 10-shot shooters are shooting 90-120 point targets.

In 10 shot, a shooter really on his game has the possibility to shoot a 250 target that would make up a lot of ground. Said another way in 10 shot you are not ever out of it until the last target is scored.

The IR 50/50 unlimited portion of the Triple Crown is always shot last and it is the most feared part of the competition.

If you are doing well on the first two portions, one bad round can take you right out of it. Where as a 2450 PSL or ARA target probably wouldn't hurt your overall finish too much.

But if you shoot a 749 IR 50/50 unlimited score you drop below everyone that shot 750's. And again that might be 6 to 10 places.

Originally Posted by tonykharper View Post
Originally Posted by 2500X View Post
Anyone who has shot a few IR50/50 matches have likely lost to someone who shot a higher score with a lower X count. That's the game and them's the breaks. I guess the 2nd (or 3rd) place shooter shouldn't have missed the ten ring. When I went to my first IR50/50 3 Gun Nationals back in 2010. Jim Pepper won the 3 Gun. I came in second by 2Xs and Mel Eck came in third, one point behind Jim and I but with a higher X count than Jim and I.

Your guru Mr. Calfee was singing a different tune back then. He wasn't saying then that Mel Eck should have won or was the better shooter blah blah blah. No, he said that Jim Pepper (The Tennessee Stud) "dominated" the field. I remember thinking that a 2X or a 1 point differential out of 1500 points was a mighty thin domination. But such was the acrimonious rhetoric of rimfire benchrest at the time.

The IR50/50 game is what it is. It rewards the shooter who can, first, consistently achieve hitting the .250" 10 ring and, second, who then can hit that .031" X dot as the tie breaker. It's a very common way of scoring rifle and pistol matches.

The Triple Crown was meant to be a way of combining the 3 most common rimfire benchrest games (ARA, IR50/50 & PSL) The winner is the shooter who can achieve the highest score of those 3 different targets. That's the match. Choose to shoot it or not, but stop trying to massage it to your advantage or liking or whining about losing it by a dropped point. When I drove home with Mel Eck after he lost in 2010 by 1 point despite having a better X count than the deserving winner, there was not one whine out of him. We both took our loss to Jim like big boys. That match, Jim was the better shooter, by just a whisker.
I see you still aren't discussing the merits of the thread proposal. Just throwing out old painful memories and making accusations about topics no one has mentioned.

If you had just a little insight you would see you are still whining about losing.

The evidence is you quit and never came back.

Perhaps if the match was scored differently you may not have left with the same sour taste.

Think about it!

Tony he's right you're just trying to get things in your favor. Just like you've done with a few other things in this sport. Stop trying to change what doesn't need to be changed or fixed. Shoot or don't it's up to the individual not one person championing for changes cause someone's feelings get hurt because of a loss shot. Lmao wow
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