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Originally Posted by robs9 View Post
In another question. By doing that does it seat the bullet too deep? And cause other problems, like failure to seat or feed correctly. Maybe some kind of over pressures?
Why if you want HPs drill them out without pushing on the bullett or just buy them?

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I don't have any of the hollow point making tools, but I have messed with the rounds quite a bit. You'd have to exert a lot of force to actually push the bullet into the case any. This isn't a jacketed bullet that fits inside the case mouth. The bullet is the same diameter as the case. Also the bullet is lead. I don't think it would be possible to deform it enough to cause pressure issues, and still have it chamber.

Drilling them out reduces weight, which reduces downrange energy. Not what you want for hunting ammo. Also unless you are really anal the holes most likely won't be consistently perfectly centered which will effect accuracy. As far as buying them, hollowpoints of any variety are primarily considered hunting rounds. They generally don't go through the same level of QC that even lower end target ammo does. Thus they aren't as consistent. These tools (there are several different ones) allow you to take whatever ammo your gun shoots well, and make hollow points out of it.
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