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Originally Posted by azjeff View Post
Since I picked up the '96 10/22 and decided to build a heavy I've been looking at barrels and stocks, and working on the trigger group and bolt. Having access to a high precision machine shop at work and machinists who like to tinker there's no need to send anything out. Today I got the idea to make this an all-Ruger build. Obviously the barrel is the big question mark so I ask, is it a waste of time putting any work into a Ruger Target barrel? If there's potential there to shoot MOA with the usual re-chamber/crown etc. it's an interesting thought. If they just won't shoot I'll keep thinking. Not interested in rolling the dice on that 1 in 100 barrel that shoots if that's how it is.

TIA for the input.
I wouldn't be afraid to go the all-Ruger route.
My Dad gave me my 10/22 at the age of 8- now 36.5- and the trigger was horrible. Sent it off to a sympathetic gunsmith friend who started work on the trigger. I carried it on until I was happy with it and then left it alone after that. Mainly I polished the hammer with a fine diamond knife sharpener that I had, and took any machining marks off the top. It felt gritty from new and now it's as smooth as can be.
One thing I noticed early on, was the next round in the magazine would have a scrape mark from the bolt gouging it as it closed, so I put a radius on that as well. First round was always on the money and then not so much..
I may have had that trigger apart 30 times til I was really happy with it but I'm pleased I took the time. Over here in NZ there just weren't heaps of aftermarket goodies available on the shelf, and even as a kid, loved to do things myself.
Biggest accuracy improvement was taking that corner off the rib on the bolt, and floating the barrel with a strip of emery cloth. All free.
My friend has been long range big-bore shooting for years and he cannot believe my 10/22 stock trigger is so crisp. We were testing it on boxing day with CCI ammo and both shooting .6" at 100 yards, 10 shot groups. Was hot after 400 rounds though.
Best of luck with your project. I will haul it out and take some photos if my explanations are hard to decipher

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