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Arrow Wood Oil

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
When I got it it had some small "issues" that needed to be addressed (still needs bedding changed) but it had about 3-5 (I do not remember for sure) coats of Arrow Wood oil (basically a 98% tung oil with a few additives) and in these pictures it has about 15 coats. It needs a couple more.

There is an old saying about tung oil finishes something like:

"A coat of oil every day for a week. A coat of oil every week for a month. A coat of oil every month for a year. A coat of oil every year forever!"

It is not what I would have chosen for a finish if I got the stock naked but I was afraid to change horses in midstream. After contacting "noremf" he said it would be a lot of work to change to something else and a possibility I would end up screwing up a very nice piece of wood!!

n it ready for testing
Arrow Wood Oil is not Tung Oil based. It is Boiled Linseed Oil based with about 50% Alcohol thinners with a small amount of original formula Mineral Spirits.

Contents are:

Boiled linseed oil 8001-26-1 47.4%
Isopropyl Alcohol 67-63-0 17.6%
Ethyl alcohol 64-17-5 10.3%
Mineral Spirits 8030-30-8 2.6%
Methyl alcohol 67-56-1 .8%

The MSDS is directly from the guy that markets it. He does not make it albeit he implies he does. He is a sales guy pure and simple. Did not want to send me the MSDS until I claimed I was a "downstream" user which means by law he has to send it. He did via email.

The periodic "refreshing" still applies. BLO is one of the "children" of the "parent" called semi-drying oils. Never really cures or sets up if you like that term better.

If you decide to look up the product I strongly recommend you view the marketing hype with a very large grain of salt to say the least.


I want to make that clear!!!!!!

But all it is is thinned Boiled Linseed Oil with the attributes of that finish.

I did extensive research on it back in 2014 for a RFC member and it has no "magic" qualities about it regardless of the hype.

Spent 45 minutes on the phone with the guy who markets it.

I even saw a demonstration of it's use at a gun show and it was staged to make it look like it does.

Also got a sample which I messed with for a few days.

Did a post on it on 5/2/2014.

The removal or putting another finish over it warning(s) still stands. If it were a cold pressed plant/vegetable you would need a barrier coat of Shellac over it before you could use a different finish.

As far as being BLO, while some folks say they have not had any problems putting say Tru-OilŪ over it there are far more folks that have especially on Military wooden stocked rifles.

If it does go "south" you got big problems and to remove it is a real PIA.

Threads on that.


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